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You should expect to be welcomed into a warm, safe, comfortable environment where you can just be yourself. Yoga not only releases the muscles of the body but can also relax the mind. Most yoga is done barefooted but if you feel more comfortable wearing something on your feet, feel free. You might want to bring a small towel, you might sweat a bit, water is also a great idea.

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Whether you have never tried yoga before, you're an athlete looking for a good stretch or someone looking for an alternative to a gym, we have something for you. We have classes for the beginners with some easy standing poses and comfortable floor poses too. We also have classes for people looking for a great workout, a gentle easy going class or we can tailor a class to suit the needs of a family. We have a class that will fit your needs.


Basic · Beginner

If you have never tried yoga before or just looking for a nice easy class here it is. This class starts out with some breathing techniques to start warming the body up. We will move to some basic floor poses to start waking the body and the core. Advancing to the standing portion we will practice our breathing and balancing, finding your center and feeling strong. Lastly we will release the body one last time before heading into a relaxing Savasana (rest) to finish the class.



It's just as it sounds. This class is a gentle flow that will put your body and mind in a more centered focus.  It will help you disconnect from the day to day, give you the time your body needs to relax and repair and get you ready for whatever lies ahead. We will use big, comfy bolsters to help relieve any pesky pressure on the hips and back to make certain you enjoy every minute.

Yoga for Exercise · Athletes

If it's a workout you are looking for, an alternative to the gym or looking to mix up your regular routine this class is for you. This sequence will leave your body well stretched but will also let you know that you gave it some love. We will work the shoulders, stretch the hips and back , work the legs and we can't forget about those abs. This is one of those classes that is a nice complement to your current workout or as your only workout.

Also Offering

  • Yoga for Kids
  • Standing Sequences (little to no floor time, easy on the wrists)
  • Back and upper body focus
  • Seated and chair yoga (ideal for elder or limited mobility)



What is Yoga?

It is a Sanskrit word meaning "to yoke or bind". In a nutshell, it means a way of moving your body into different postures (positions) combined with breathing having the benefit of stretching and strengthening the muscles of the whole body.

How can yoga benefit me?

By stretching the body you are able to stretch the muscles from nose to toes, relieve tension (some of which you might not even know you have) and build lean muscle all at the same time. By being stagnant in movement one's body can become inflexible. By practicing yoga,  you are stretching muscles you would not normally move on a daily basis. Therefore making even the slightest movement (ie. bending to pick something up, turning around to reach something)  pain free and easily accomplished. If you are the type of person that says "I'm not flexible enough for yoga" or "I've never done it before" those are the exact reasons why you need yoga. You've come this far now it's time to feel better.

What do I wear?

Something comfortable. No fashion show here. Clothing that is not too loose. Clothing that is too lose can interfere with your movement. You will sweat so keep that in mind when choosing your attire. Most yoga is done barefooted but feel free to wear socks or footwear if you are more comfortable/stable.

Who is the instructor?

My name is Kevin. I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past 15 years. I have a wife and two beautiful kids, a cat and two dogs.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to teach other people how great they could feel by doing yoga. I finally found the perfect program for me at South Boston Yoga. It was the best mix of Iyengar style yoga (see below), philosophy and structural and muscular anatomy. I personally enjoy doing yoga for the physical aspect of it. Yoga also has a lot to do with spirituality, I am spiritual in my own way and I believe everybody is spiritual in their own special way. If you would like to bring yours with you, please do. I enjoy yoga for the way it makes my body feel, how my back doesn't hurt when I play with my kids and how it overall puts me in a great mood for the whole day. I'm a regular person. I like fried food, I like to take walks in the woods to connect with nature and I'm also human and make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, but by practicing we can make our bodies and minds a better place to be every day.

I was trained at South Boston Yoga by two of the most amazing people. I had the pleasure of spending 200 hours with David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund. I was not expecting the journey that they would take me on. They not only taught us some really cool yoga, but also taught us how to be better humans. The yoga I teach is Iyengar style and has Hatha based poses. It includes your basic yoga postures most including some type of variation, a mix of current and traditional music, great energy and fantastic people. The teachers I trained with have had hundreds of hours of training with many great teachers. The yoga that they taught us is a combination of all of their training along with some of their own flair thrown in there. My goal is to make my classes and private sessions well rounded so the student leaves feeling stretched, strong and relaxed and feeling better than ever. Whether you're an athlete looking for an off day alternative, want to start or end your day feeling great or just need some "me" time in a relaxed environment, this your place.



style of yoga




Iyengar Yoga is a Hatha based style of yoga so it has all of the poses you are familiar with. In addition it also utilizes props such as blocks, straps and bolsters to help you into some poses or helps you get deeper into others. Using a block for stability will make you feel more secure in a pose and can do wonders for your confidence. The use of a strap can target that area you were never able to before. The use of props in this style helps student of all ages and health conditions join in and enjoy a class that they may have not been able to otherwise.

There is also a focus on alignment of the postures and using the breath in poses. This style has sometimes been associated with perfection of postures. Yoga is not about perfection of a posture but listening to the body. However you would be amazed how a slight adjustment in a posture can really open up a part of the body and open your eyes to another level of practice.

Class sequencing is another important aspect of this style. It may start out slow and get the body warmed up for more of a restorative feel. Or a class may start with a few rounds of Sun salutation variations, get on the floor for some core work combined with a well deserved Savasana and leave feeling like you just had the best workout ever. Classes are set up in such a way to achieve a certain end result. The amount of time spent in each pose is also specific to this style as some poses can be held up to 90 seconds but most are held for just a few good, deep breaths. By holding poses and breathing deeper into them it helps the body strengthen by stretching and in some poses using opposing forces to strengthen even further.

Most importantly there is a focus of making this an enjoyable experience. I want people to come to a class and get a great stretch or enjoy a relaxing restorative class all while having fun doing it. I had so much fun during my training which in turn made me enjoy yoga more than I did before. I want you to enjoy yoga more than ever before.