A Client’s Perspective: First Visit Nerves to Pain Management

Hi, I’m Stacy. I’ve been struggling with chronic knee and ankle pain for most of my adult life. As a new mom, I knew things needed to change. I did not want to live in pain. I wanted to be kneeling on the floor with my daughter and focusing my energy on her… not how much pain I was in all the time. “Traditional” medicine wasn’t providing me with viable options. Perhaps one day a surgery will be in the cards but for now I was desperately seeking pain management that did not involve prescription drugs. A friend recommended acupuncture.

I had heard of acupuncture but for someone who doesn’t even like to get shots or bloodwork done, it wasn’t something I had ever seriously considered. After researching Amy, I thought, why not give it a try, what do I have to lose? I was super nervous during my first session but Amy immediately eased my nerves. She took the time to learn about my issues and concerns before starting the treatment. We probably talked for a good 30 minutes. I nervously – and with my eyes closed! – laid on the table while she was performing the treatment. It doesn’t “hurt” – sometimes I could tell the needles were going in but other times I didn’t even notice. After the needles were in, a heat lamp was turned on and placed above my knees, and relaxing music was played for approximately 30-40 minutes while I got to relax on the table. Honestly I lost track of time. Amy left a bell next to me in case I needed her – I thought that was a great idea, especially for new (aka nervous) clients. After the needles were quickly removed, Amy massaged my knees and legs and I was on my way. (I should note that all sessions are customized and treatments can vary.)

I noticed a difference in my pain level and continue to do so. I’ve been a regular for a few months (and still keep my eyes closed!) and while I’m not cured of the pain entirely, it is so much more manageable. My hour with Amy is my time to focus on healing my body and perhaps catch a few Zzz’s on the table if I’m lucky (see new mom comment above!). I’m also less stressed overall, something I can attribute to the sessions.

While I turned to acupuncture as one of the “last resorts,” I encourage people with chronic pain to bump acupuncture from the bottom of the list to the top. It’s not about what you can lose – it’s about what you can gain!

-Stacy, Bridgewater

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