How my Dad's Back Pain Changed my Career Path

Some of the most common questions I get asked are "How did you get into Acupuncture?"  "Does it hurt?" and "What do people see you for?"  My favorite of the three is the story of my journey to acupuncture. I've always felt my purpose was to help people on their path to better health but originally thought dental hygiene was going to be my career path. When I was in college, studying dental hygiene, I watched my Dad suffer tremendously with back pain. He had ruptured three disks in his lower back and had multiple surgeries at the best hospitals in Boston with the best surgeons in Boston and ended up in worse pain in the end than the original back pain. It was awful. He was depressed, out of work, in so much pain and on so many pain medications. He went to physical therapy, pool therapy, pain management and so many other treatments. He trudged through days miserable ad was in so much pain. He gave up. He stopped going to doctors, stopped taking pain medication (THANKFULLY) and was not in a good place.

Someone suggested acupuncture to him. He laughed, joked about "Voo Doo" and I'm sure a few other things, laughed again and finally gave acupuncture a try. He started his treatments three times a week and loved going to his appointments. He spoke so highly of his Acupuncturist, Dr Woo. He would talk about how he felt like he was floating during his treatments and within a few weeks he was a changed man.  I vividly remember the time he plopped himself down in a chair across from me. My chin dropped. He had been cringing to move for what seemed like forever. Easing into a chair like an achy old man. The following months showed steady improvement. He changed. Dad went back to school for computers. His pain level was manageable. He was like a new man. He got a wonderful job and started traveling.

I was amazed and intrigued. How could putting needles in someone heal them? I started reading and decided that this was my true calling. I started my journey supported by my husband, friends, family and especially my Dad.

Are you interested in finally "giving in" like my dad and giving acupuncture a try, or have a success story you want to share? We'd love to hear from you!

Amy Benson